Rolf Hunziker

Rolf is the senior-consultant and the owner of the agency 2h2m (Schweiz) AG. He studied economics at the University of Zurich with a Master’s degree in marketing (lic.oec.publ.). Following his university degree he worked in various marketing positions for Lindt and Sprüngli, Schober Direct Marketing and Burson Marsteller. From 1996 till the end of 2002 he worked in the management of NIKE in Switzerland, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia in positions such as Advertising- and PR-Manager, Brand Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Retail Marketing Director and Marketing Director. In 2003 he took over the responsibility of the sports media publications (SPORT MAGAZIN and FIT for LIFE) at AZ Medien and at the the same time founded the hunziker & hunziker marketing management Inc. with NIKE Switzerland as its biggest client and soon after AZ Medien as another client.

Since  January 2009 Rolf and his Family cummuted regularly to the Gold Coast/Australia to build up the business for Sportradar (Betradar and Scoreradar), one of his clients at 2h2m, in the oceanic Region.

In 2012 Rolf Hunziker opened up a new business opportunity with the Business Unit Center Court, where he offers Marketing Expertise for Shopping Centers and Retail Outlets.

Rolf is an examiner for the Master of Communications at Schweizer Werbung SW in Switzerland since 2002.

Phone +41 44 858 12 12

Sandra Hunziker, 2h2m (Schweiz) AG

Sandra Hunziker

Sandra is the CEO of 2h2m and has a bachelor degree in business administration. She has worked in various business administration positions and has done further studies in communications and health, specializing in facility management.

After managing the Real Estate department for EDS (Switzerland) and working in the accounting department in the same company, Sandra has been responsible for the Real Estate´s financials.

Since 2003 she has been the CEO of 2h2m and heads the back office and administration, data base management and the finance department.

In 2009 Sandra moved with her family to the Gold Coast / Australia.

Phone +41 44 858 12 12